Northern Green 2020 Lead Retrieval Order Form

Each attendee badge contains a barcode with their business card information encoded. The information is stored in the scanner and delivered to the exhibitor via email in excel format within 24 hours after the close of the show. After the badge is scanned, more information on the lead can be gathered by scanning items on the TS Leads Advanced lead qualifier sheet (see page 3 of order form) which is at no cost to the exhibitor. A lead qualifier sheet can be created which is specific to your business for a small fee.

The TSLeads Anywhere Scanner is a battery operated unit that fits easily in your pocket and leads can be gathered anywhere at the show. Leads are delivered at the end of the show via email. Get visual verification of the scanned lead with the TSLeads Plus. The TSLeads Complete includes a scanner, printer, and leads are emailed at the end of the show. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the printer via Bluetooth. The TSLeads Max is a hand-held PDA that allows you to add qualifiers and makes notes with the qwerty keyboard. Leads are delivered via email at the end of the event.

Please contact Trade Show Leads at joels@tsleads.net if you have any questions regarding the products and services.