Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Grow your skills as a green industry professional and attend one of the full-day Northern Green Master Classes on Tuesday.


2021 Master Classes generously supported by:

1. PLT Relicensure – Landscape Lighting

Pending Minnesota Dept. of Labor & Industry approval, this class satisfies eight hours of continuing education requirements for the Power Limited Training Licensure, including 2 hours of code and 6 hours of technical training oriented specifically toward the landscape industry. The focus for 2020 is landscape lighting.

2. Pesticide Recertification (Categories A, E, F or P)

Pending approval by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), this workshop meets Commercial Pesticide Applicator Requirements for Category A (Core) and Category E (Turf and Ornamentals). Recertification for optional Categories F (Aquatics) and P (Vertebrate Pest) will also be offered as part of this workshop.

Licensed applicators with Categories A and E who last attended a recertification workshop in 2018, and newly-licensed pesticide applicators in 2019, must attend an MDA-approved workshop by December 31, 2020. By attending the Pesticide Recertification track and scanning in and out onsite with staff of the Department of Agriculture, applicators will obtain recertification credit.

For applicators to receive credit for optional Category F or Category P, they must attend the entire Pesticide Recertification track (Category A, E, and F or P), and scan in and out with staff of the Department of Agriculture.


3. Going from Good to Great: Hardscape Efficiency Boot Camp

Instructor: Frank Bourque

Great companies use key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge and compare performance for meeting strategic and operational goals. However, the hardscape industry as a whole lacks objective benchmarks or a way to measure excellence across the industry.

The aim of this seminar is to outline simple KPIs that companies of all sizes can start capturing today by using systems, processes, and technology that digitizes this information and collects it in a central area. The comprehensive analysis of this data will help improve processes and lead to better performance and project delivery.

In this full-day Boot Camp, you will learn 7 key KPIs to track in your business to motivate your teams and significantly increase your business efficiency and profits.

4. Favorite Plants for Minnesota Gardens

What are the best performing landscape plants for Minnesota gardens and landscapes? Spend the day with us as we present a plethora of plants – from woody trees, shrubs and conifers, to herbaceous perennials, annuals and even houseplants – your speakers are all as cold hardy as the plants and each will cover their top ten favorite performing plants in their category.


5. Landscape Design Challenge

Facilitator: Julie Weisenhorn, University of Minnesota Extension
Design Challenge Leads: Michael Keenan, Urban Ecosystems Inc.; Allyson Landmark, Southview Design; Jason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

6. Technology & The Green Industry

Speakers: Maggie Reiter, University of Minnesota-Extension Educator in Turfgrass; Chad Giblin University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources; Eric North, University of Minnesota Extension Department of Forest Resources; and Chase Straw, Texas A&M Turfgrass Management in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences.

There have been tremendous strides in user friendly technology all throughout the Green Industry. Gone are the days of putting a terra cotta worm in a pot to determine water needs. Now there is an abundance of moisture sensors and meters to easily capture that data and enhance irrigation efficiency. Coming to an end are the days of cutting down a tree to determine its health. Through the use of 21st century tools such as tomography a.k.a. “tree sonar” and resistograph in combination with more traditional methods, the ability to assess tree defects without cutting it down are becoming possible. This day will focus on the technology available to industry practitioners and how it can benefit you and your career.