Northern Green adheres to the International Association of Exposition Management Guidelines for Displays and Regulations as a means of promoting continuity, consistency and fairness to all exhibitors. For a complete copy of the guidelines, contact Northern Green show management. Two guidelines that are often violated: (1) Display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as to not obstruct sight lines of neighboring exhibitors. In the half of the booth nearest to the aisle, materials are restricted to four feet in height. (2) In an end-cap booth, the four-foot rule described in #1 applies not only to the front aisle, but also to the side aisle. All other booth height restrictions are 12 feet. Show management can provide you the complete guidelines, which includes diagrams. If your booth is in violation of blocking the view of your neighbor’s booth, you will be directed to change your display.

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If you need assistance in any way as you prepare for the upcoming Northern Green, please contact our show staff at, 651-633-4987 or toll-free 888-886-6652.